She coos all the time now. Smiles if we talk to her and she’s in a good mood. She seems to be much more sensitive than Davey and Bella (examples are she cries much more easily/frequently and reacts to a harsh tone I might take with her siblings). She makes this low sound, when she breathes while sleeping almost like she is self-soothing. She seems to do it when she wants to sleep but something is keeping her awake or waking her up. She did it the first night in the hospital (I thought she was wheezing and told the nurses to please check her and they assured me it was just a sweet newborn sound/squeak and was very normal) and she still does it to this day. The kids love her so much and Bella offered to watch her tonight so I could go in the Jacuzzi with her Dad and brother. After about 2 minutes in the house with baby by herself (holding her in her arms), she came outside too and said she wanted to be near us (I think she was nervous watching her by herself). Esther was falling asleep in her arms (which makes me such a proud mama that Bella is so good with her). Davey showers her with kisses all day long. Like every time he sees her, he kisses her. I tried not to be too protective or discourage him, at first, but then as time goes on and he wants to kiss her face like seriously all the time I began to worry he would give her germs from his preschool that might make her sick. I hate to tell him no kisses, so I just request that he ask first and then kiss her only on the head (not her face). I decided I need to start working out again so starting today, I will be walking to drop off and pick up Bella. I have less than 2 months to lost 30 pounds for Sandra’s wedding! Dave bought me flowers today. It was the sweetest thing seeing him walking up with flowers, then he trimmed the trees and shrubs in the back. He is so sexy, especially when he brings me flowers and then does yard work. Annabella and Davey are doing great in school and Esther is a pretty good sleeper– just wakes 2-3 times a night. Usually sleeping from 10-3 or 4 and then every 2 hours after that. I pulled out the cloth diapers tonight for the first time and am excited to save money using them. Life is flying at such a fast rate, I am glad to be writing on my blog again…

Davey responds to my “I love you” with “I love you too Boo” and it  melts my heart each time. He says “even” before he says something that excites him. Today Dave took him to Marina Park and they “Even got to touch sea enemies.”  The baby and I stayed here and she basically ate that whole time. I love nursing her, but don’t get a whole lot done most days because I spend so much of my time on the couch. I realize this time is going to fly, so I am trying to have a more laid back approach to housework and such, but things are honestly starting to pile up and stink, literally… Meals have been coming in every other day of so, but may be stopping soon. In fact, tonight’s lasagna, salad, and garlic bread (from Debbie at church) may just be our last meal… it is so nice to not have to give dinner a single thought or hassle with prepping, shopping, and making it. I can honestly say I dread meal planning and cooking meals more than any other household chore. Annabella is growing so fast, at 6 years old (almost 7), she is very grown up and mature. I will write more on that later, but basically she is becoming very independent and constantly impresses me with how she can dress herself, feed herself (and brother), and even unbuckles baby and brings her in for me. She changed two of her diapers today (her idea) and then wanted to burp her after I fed her a couple times.


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Revelations on this cold December New Years Eve.

6 years, 3 years, and 3 weeks. Husband who needs to be fed three times a day, made to feel wanted, more like needed, and who loves his family so much he feels like sacrificing his time to provide. My needs are second to all of the above. If I can maximize my time with household, children, and husband, I can be successful. Not just in the eyes of others, but of myself. I don’t want to be lazy anymore. I don’t want to be a hoarder. I don’t want to be a drunk. I don’t want to be unloving, selfish, and unlovable. I want to give it my all. Work hard and enjoy my time off. I want to be successful and enjoy life, truly live to love and love to live. I feel honored by the unique gifts God has given me. I don’t want to take them for granted. I appreciate them and love them unconditionally. I want them to know that and to feel that love, everyday, every minute of everyday.

I realize I have needs and preferences too. I need to own these and really wrap my mind around what they mean when it comes to how they can help me to be more successful. For example, I am a night owl. I work best (have more motivation, zeal, and oomph) in the wee hours of the night. I am inspired and feel more grounded and centered at night. Therefore, I must do my work when I feel my best. If mornings are hard, try to do more of what needs to be done at night and veg in the mornings when possible. Key here is to get enough sleep and yet get things done too. Maybe if I made a schedule,daily and nightly, and then followed it? Things to ponder…New Year, new beginnings… I resolve to be more on top of my life, a more active participant who cares, who works, and who loves. This comes with getting organized and taking control and making changes where changes need to be made, while also being realistic in the changes I make so that I can be successful in my new ventures. Only with God on my side can I do all of the above. Amen

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Set up a facebook so that we can stay in touch!

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beachWhere I want to be right now!

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skype rocks!

I just discovered a new way to stay connected to family and friends!!!  Woohoo!!!  No more long distance charges on my phone bill!

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I am starting a new quarter and am excited to be back!  Even though I only had one week off! 

My new class required that I have a blog and thought I’d rather have one separate from my myspace and facebook pages.  So here we go!!!

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